Take the guesswork out
of insurtech

Enhance your data with comprehensive labelling, training and validation that combines AI and human intervention to streamline your business

Human-powered machine

Utilise high quality human interventions maximised by ML

Highly configurable

Surgical tools crafted around your exact needs

Work across boundaries

Apply AI across your operational activities

Solve the tough problems

Find routes towards the answers that seemed elusive

Complex questions answered at scale
with efficient machine learning

The insurance industry includes a wide range of manual tasks – damage assessment, claims processing and document handling, to name a few. Leveraging machine learning for these tasks requires accurate training data: without it, any gains made by automation are wiped out by costly and lengthy appeals processes.

1715 Labs works with you to explore your data, bringing the best of human and machine labelling together to ensure that you achieve the accuracy you need, and getting your AI into production.

One solution,
any application

Automotive damage assessment

Pinpoint and grade damage to cars and other vehicles

Loss adjustment

Detect and assess damage to fixed structures over wide areas

Industrial inspection

Identify corrosion and other defects in industrial environments

Fraud detection

Identify anomalous claims and flag for investigation

Labelled data from 1715 Labs helped our model improve robustness and consistency on real world noisy documents

Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi
Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi

1715 Labs' human-led approach unlocks hard to reach value in complex datasets

Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
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