Institutional Policy

Confidently put machine learning
to work at policy level

Let our machine learning tools interpret content at pace to ensure your institution can access the benefits of AI.

Human-powered machine

Ensure a human-centric approach to subjective content decisions

Highly configurable

Surgical tools crafted around your exact needs

Protect against bias

Minimise bias for objective results

Maxmise your impact

Apply AI across the policymaking process

Access hidden value
within public datasets

Governments and institutions sit on vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, but unlocking that data to build machine learning tools for policymaking brings its own challenges. Avoiding bias and reinforcement of existing policy are crucial for the success of any institutional project, and especially so with artificial intelligence.

1715 Labs combines machine learning and human-centric analysis to help you create responsible AI, helping you understand the data you have, the answers your algorithms give you, and pave the way for the introduction of AI across your organisation.

One solution,
any application

Policy implementation

Aggregate data to identify broader trends

International aid

Analyse and adjust to deliver maximum effect

Environmental impact assessments

Assess environmental outcomes based on real-world data

Service provision

Model public service uptake to ensure effectiveness

Labelled data from 1715 Labs helped our model improve robustness and consistency on real world noisy documents

Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi
Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi

1715 Labs' human-led approach unlocks hard to reach value in complex datasets

Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
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