Earth Observation

Solve the massive data
challenges of earth observation

Enhance your data with comprehensive labelling, training and validation that combines AI and human intervention to find answers others miss

Human powered machine

Utilise high quality human interventions maximised by ML

Highly configurable

Surgical tools crafted around your exact needs

Enter unknown territory

Quickly empower yourself to work in brand-new areas of research

Solve the tough problems

Find routes towards the answers that seemed elusive

Find the answers
that others miss

With ever-increasing numbers of satellites, drones and other platforms, there’s never been more sensors looking back at the earth. The wealth of data presents a significant opportunity, but its value remains trapped.

1715 Labs unlocks the value in data by enabling AI to go further, delving into the data lakes of videos and images full of anomalies that hold back its potential. We provide the exact answers you’re looking for.

One solution,
all your data types

Image detection

Detect objects and add context to analyse imagery

Shape recognition

Detect and categorise shapes and patterns in imagery

Video enhancement

Categorise, label and annotate video in real time

Boundary & route analysis

Understand and map out boundaries and routes

computer vision


Centre of
mass dots


Polygons &
complex shapes

Straight &
curved lines


Build your models with data training

Move past the pain of manual labelling by harnessing our distributed crowd, supported by more than 10 years' experience of running the world's largest citizen science platform.

  • Precise, custom focus
  • Robust process paths
  • Flexible, infinite scaling
  • Blended human input

Model output validation at scale

Test and improve your data models with the highest quality human validation at scale. We help you monitor your deployed models at a greater speed and lower cost than other options.

  • Assess model suitability
  • Increase performance
  • Understand issues
  • Reduce assumptions

Understand the ground truth

Gather data from direct observation and quickly synthesize it to gain powerful insight.

  • Create strong foundations
  • Scale human validation
  • Handle subjective content
  • Gain confidence in outputs

Scale your labelling with no compromise on quality

A core challenge of data labelling is scaling your team. While small pools of workers can’t handle large datasets and increase the risk of individual error, large pools are hard to manage and likely to be less focused or knowledgable.

We have a ten year track record of using existing pools to take the weight of crowd management off your shoulders of world class companies. Participant input is statistically weighted based on their track record to combining the results of many workers for any given task and ensure the highest quality results.

Focus on unique problems with high level configuration

We provide well-tested solutions that can be rapidly implemented for more straight forward tasks, helping you focus on the more important and high impact work.

For more difficult tasks, unknown problems or new areas of research, our flexible internal toolkit and extensive experience in crowd labelling allows us to design and deploy workflows which focus crowd effort onto your specific problem. No more generic ‘place a bounding box’ results.

Labelled data from 1715 Labs helped our model improve robustness and consistency on real world noisy documents

Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi

1715 Labs' human-led approach unlocks hard to reach value in complex datasets

Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
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