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The Zooniverse is an academic research platform built at the University of Oxford with a ten-year track record using novel machine learning in conjunction with a large, distributed crowd of participants to map the cosmos, fight diseases like TB and help in disaster relief.

1715 Labs is a spin-out from this research group, building on these established tools, design practice and technical expertise to help an expanding list of clients, providing fast, flexible and powerful crowd-powered labelling and insight wherever it’s needed.

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The 1715 Team

  1. Chris Lintott


    Chris is Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford, working on machine learning in the service of serendipitous discovery, galaxy evolution and planet finding. He is co-presenter of the BBC’s long-running Sky at Night series.

  2. Sophie Hackford

    Co-founder and Chair

    Co-founder and Chair of 1715 Labs, Sophie is a futurist, who previously worked at WIRED Magazine, Singularity University at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley and Oxford University.

  3. Daniel McMahon


    Dan comes to 1715 Labs as CEO from Amazon, having previously led teams and built business units across a wide range of settings, applications and sectors.

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95% of the world's
data is unstructured

Access to high-quality, well structured training data is the single biggest factor limiting AI performance. This is stopping you solving problems effectively.

Combining human input and advanced statistical tools, we provide rapid, cost effective data training, labelling and analysis. Built by data scientists, for data scientists, we make it simple to build datasets and extract better data.

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  • Oxford Science Innovation
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Labelled data from 1715 Labs helped our model improve robustness and consistency on real world noisy documents

Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi
Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi

1715 Labs' human-led approach unlocks hard to reach value in complex datasets

Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
Trusted by data teams at
  • Thales
  • University of Oxford
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  • Geospatial Insight
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  • Zegami
  • Ebbon Intelligence

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