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Combine human and machine labelling to analyse crop health, monitor soil conditions, and train robots.

Human-powered machine

Utilise high-quality human interventions maximised by ML

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Precise tools crafted around your exact needs

Structured to scale

Work effectively with vast datasets from a range of sources

Solve the tough problems

Find routes towards the answers that seemed elusive

Make better
decisions with data

The food industry is ripe for disruption, with the use of AI, IoT and other technologies offering the ability to reduce input costs, precisely schedule farming operations, and provide accurate decision-making solutions to farmers, markets, and policymakers.

1715 Labs unlocks the value in data by enabling AI to go further. We delve into the real-world data from satellite imaging, ground sensors and other sources to provide the exact answers you're looking for.

One solution,
any application

Crop recognition

Detect objects and add context to analyse imagery

Weed detection

Detect and categorise weed shapes in imagery

Crop health

Isolate and monitor vital indicators

Boundary & route analysis

Understand and map out boundaries and routes

Labelled data from 1715 Labs helped our model improve robustness and consistency on real world noisy documents

Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi
Lorenzo Bongiovanni - Lead Machine Learning Scientist @ Amplyfi

1715 Labs' human-led approach unlocks hard to reach value in complex datasets

Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
Derek Langley - Product Line Design Authority @ Thales
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